JD-850 Multipurpose High Power Green Light Laser Pen

JD-850 Multipurpose High Power Green Light Laser Pen

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  • Package Weight : 59.5g

  • Package Width : 2cm

  • Package Height : 2cm

  • Package Length: 11.2 cm

This laser pointer provides 1000m / 4921.3ft green laser which can effectively focus audience's attention. It is perfect for teacher, tour guide, Miss sales and even astronomy enthusiasts.



Provides green laser and 1000m / 4921.3ft ultra-long light visibility.

Multipurpose, can be applied to sales pointing, large screen teaching, tour guide and even astronomical star pointing.

Tail switch design, one press for long lighting, convenient to control.

High-quality workmanship and exquisite detail, all for bringing user pleasant experience.



Label power: 5mW (floating)

Light visibility: 1000m / 4921.3ft

Start time: 3 seconds

Rechargeable battery not included: 16340 lithium battery

Battery capacity: 600mA

Working time: 30minutes-1hour

Material: Aluminum alloy

Laser color: Green

Wavelength: 532nm

Color: Black

Item size: 11.1 * 2.0cm / 4.4 * 0.8in (H * D)

Item weight: 54.0g / 2.0oz

Total size: 11.2 * 2.0cm / 4.4 * 0.8in (H * D)

Total weight: 55.0g / 2.0oz



1. Laser has serious harm to people's eyes. Do not point to someone else.

2. Continuously light the pen for 30 seconds would shorten the pen life.

3. Please take out the battery before leaving the laser pen unused.


Package list:

1 * Laser pointer

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